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Content and Media Solutions is a service related to designing the concept of creating and managing content on various media platforms according to your business needs.

The corporate magazine can build a community of shareholders, customers, potential partners, and other stakeholders. This also reflects the establishment and existence of the company who owns it.

In this modern age, DMC Comm offers you more advantages by showcasing corporate magazines in an interactive digital format or as apps, making it easier to access.

Which social media channel is best for your business? For most businesses, the best approach is to handpick social media channels that make the most sense for the brand,
rather than try to expend an equal amount of effort everywhere. We will give you the best solution to ensure that the decisions you make align with your marketing strategy.

A good annual report and sustainability report provide information on the company’s performance in a transparent and accountable manner to investors, stakeholders, and the public. Here’s how you communicate with investors, build customer confidence, attract and hold employees, and influence the public. Drawing on our experience and resources, we will assist you in submitting an annual report and a sustainability report in accordance with the POJK and GRI standards.

Within the advanced time, the website is an identity for your company. Just like a showcase that shows various portfolios you have got. We offer solutions as well as a unique experience for your customers to get the information in stunning visuals but easy-to-follow.

Mobile apps have unique ability to access a large number of your potential audiences. With the growing number of people accessing internet via smartphones and tablets, apps make phones “smarter” and provide more benefits. Today, apps have dramatically changed the way we work with all their cool functions. Now, it’s time to build your apps more appeal!

Whether you are starting a new business or running an aggressive expansion, a company profile is considered an essential tool for any type of business thus an effective marketing instrument to attract new customers as well as investors. Designed for success, DMC Comm will bring you a profile that should give a lasting impression on your audience through company strengths and values.

Be the first to know – mentions about your brand/company in online media (socials, news, blogs, videos, forums, reviews, and more). Media Monitoring & Content Analysis allows you to monitor your brand, industry, competitors, or any other things that are related to your business.

Protect your online reputation with the services we have. Get your detailed and systematic reports and analytical data related to your company’s communication capabilities in cyberspace, and how to take steps to continuously improve its consistency.